LIL JOES LEGENDARY LEATHERS " Made in The USA" & "Guaranteed for Life" 1-800-643-3321

Question: Are the Cast of the new FX TV show "Sons of Anarchy" wearing your vests?

Answer: Yes .... we were Blessed with the opprotunity to supply the cast and the different characters/clubs with our Leathers.
Jax wears our "Joes vest". Clay wears the "Joes vest" with a Full Collar. Speed wears the "Bay Area vest" and on and on..

Question: Didn’t you used to be HA Leather inc?

Answer: YES…. When Lil Joe died in 2003, we changed Our Corporite name to Illusions Apparel LLC and changed our HA Leather Tag for the Lil Joes Legendary Leathers Tag
to Honor the man who created "The Finest Leathers on The Market". Although Lil  Joe was a 37 year member of the club... HA Leather Inc was not affiliated with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.  HA Leather was started and owned equally By Lil Joe Senkir and Patrece "Lori" Haley.

Question: Can I exchange my vest I just bought if it doesn’t fit?

Answer: YES ABSOLUTELY, Please email us at for a return authorization number. The only costs for exchanges are
for size difference if any and postage back to you. 

Question: Why must I order one size larger than my T-Shirt size?

Answer: Because our vest are made in true sizing, So if you order your T-Shirt Size
you will not be able to get even a sweat shirt under it. 

Question: Can I return a Special Order vest for an exchange?

Answer: Unfortunitly No, that’s why its important to make sure your sizing is correct when ordering.
Remember the rule of thumb: Order one size larger than your T-Shirt size

Question: Are you willing to deal with all Motorcycle Clubs?

Answer: Yes, We don’t care what your Affiliation is, We Will Treat You with Respect and Expect the Same.
We also give club, Military and Group discounts Call us @ 1-888-663-7063 for info