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Our Story

In the early 1990’s Lil Joe Senkir came up with the idea to create a line of motorcycle Apparel that could be made in the USA, and would look great while giving the protection needed while blasting down the back roads and freeways of the world...

Lil Joe being the perfectionist spent countless hours designing and refining the vest's we manufacture today.

Officially hitting the market in 1993 as HA Leather inc, Lil Joe Senkir and Patrece "Lori" Haley started HA Leather inc with each owning 50% of the company. 

Sales started out slow but sure with most of the interest coming from his club brothers and supporters of the club.

By 1998 Easy Riders magazine called HA Leather “The Real Deal in Motorcycle Gear”. 

In 2002 “Kid Rock” had Lil Joe design a Lambskin shirt and a Leather vest which ended up on the front cover of one of his albums.

In 2003 Lil Joe after a long struggle with illness passed on to the other side.

2003 was a long and hard year for his widow Lori who was at a crossroads.
Should she shut down the business Joe loved so much ? or carry on with his dream, and provide Top Quality Motorcycle Leathers to the entire motorcycling world. 

By 2004 Lori had her answer and hooked up with seasoned Biker Businessman Mike Mills,
a former club brother of Lil Joes and Lil Joes Legendary Leathers was officially born. 

Later that year, Keith Ball of called Lil Joes Legendary Leathers  "The Finest Leathers on the Market”.
The Black Magic Denim Vest was added to our Motorcycle Apparel line.

By 2005 Lil Joes Legendary Leathers  Had reestablished itself as a Force to be Reckoned with in the Motorcycle Apparel Business.

In 2007 Lil Joe's  dream was coming to pass, providing Top Quality Motorcycle Leathers to all types of riders and to motorcycle clubs on both sides of the fence.

IN 2008 Debbie from Bartels Harley Davidson was approached by the producers of the FX TV show “Sons of Anarchy” to provide the leathers for the cast and crew. She knew That if the “Sons of Anarchy” show was going to be realistic, there was only one manufacture providing most if not all vests to the outlaw motorcyclist scene, and that was Lil Joes Legendary Leathers. 

With 2008 came the addition of the Zipper Vest, the 4-Pocket Vest and the Leather Over Pants.
We also started doing special orders with different color linings, Gun pockets, Holsters ect… 

The Legend is moving forward in 2009….. Exposure from shows like “Sons of Anarchy” “Cold Case” and the Biker movie “Hell Ride” has given us the opportunity to meet Biker’s from all over the world, of all colors and all stripes.

In 2016 a company started using our Original HA Leather Flamed Logo Loved by Lil Joe, We fought vigorously to defend our History and both our HA Leather and Lil Joes Flamed Trademarks.

In 2017 we won a Judgement against those who tried to Trademark our Flamed HA Leather Logo in a Federal TradeMark Opposition case.  

Its 2017 Now and We have and will face adversity head on, staying true to Lil Joe's Vision and his Ideal’s of "Build the Best" and Stand behind our Iron Strong Warranty of “Guaranteed 4 Life”  which have served us well.

Yes Lil Joe is gone ………but his dream will live on forever.